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Record to report: Choke Points and Quick Wins


Is there a better way home?

The last mile home can often be the hardest as the traffic converges around the choke points of roads not designed to handle the sheer weight of traffic at any speed. The same is true of the Record to Report process for many finance functions. While ERP systems have delivered efficiency and time savings the last mile of finance frequently uses tools and processes that have not really changed in the last decade while the demands placed on them have increased creating choke points and delays mitigated by long hours of work

RECORD TO REPORT: CHOKE POINTS AND QUICK WINS  – we will looked at how the bottlenecks and frustrations that occur between closing and reporting are being addressed by a new generation of Financial Close Management tools. Theses tools are providing greater efficiency, transparency and control while reducing the dependency on paper based manual processes, spreadsheets and lever arch files.

Consider Solutions is delighted to present a 45 minute webinar diving deeper into specific improvements that can be made in the Record to Report process.

This webcast focuses on practical examples that can be used to eliminate the lengthy, time consuming manual tasks associated with the last mile of finance.

Join us for a pragmatic walkthrough of the process choke points and automation and process improvement opportunities around the Record to Report and Financial Close cycle. We are reviewing common issues, best practices and case studies showing the business results achieved by optimising key elements of the process.

The webinar should be of particular interest for those involved in the last mile of finance who are accountable for streamlining the Record to Report process and improving the quality of reporting, such as Global Process Owners.

Join panelists Dan French (CEO, Consider Solutions) and David Mitchell (EVP, Transformation and Process Optimisation) as they deliver insights and past experience in addressing:

  • Root cause problems in the Record to Report process
  • How financial close automation tools have been deployed to enhance process efficiency and control
  • The impact on the working lives of finance people in terms of the way they use their time and talents
  • The approaches taken to scope selection and implementation
  • Lessons learned and next step agendas