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P2P Leaders; Visualization and Analytics; Finance Function Benchmarks; Identity and Access Governance and more…

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Webcast: Identity and Access Governance Evolves; Critical Success Factors

Tuesday July 26th 15.00 BST

Identity Management has been on the corporate technology agenda for 15 years. ‘Giving the right people, the right access to the right things, at the right time’ (Gartner) has never been more relevant.

Join us at this webcast as our expert speakers Hans van Nes and Martin Reeves take a look at the challenges facing effective Identity and Access Governance, the critical business processes affected, the role and limitations of technology and the critical success factors that management must consider to assure successful business outcomes.

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How Does Data Visualization Relate to Data Analytics?

To meet the onslaught of big data head on, more and more we see tools aimed at helping us make sense of all of this data. But do they help or are they actually confusing things more? What is the relationship between data visualisation and data analytics?
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P2P Leaders Summit: London 2016

Consider Solutions will be hosting a conference session and two Learning Lab sessions at the upcoming P2P Leaders Summit organised by SharedServicesLink.

Our CEO Dan French will be giving a speech entitled ‘The Role of Process Analytics in the P2P Cycle’. The first Learning Lab Session will be based around P2P Analytics and how to optimise the P2P process. The second will be focussed around P2P Metrics, KPI’s and the evaluation of the behaviour around them.

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Benchmarking the Accounting and Finance Function Report 2016

The Robert Half Report provides some excellent benchmarks based on responses from more than 1700 financial leaders across the private and public sector. In the fast and ever changing finance environment, their statistics and analysis are a great way to gain insight into how your environment compares with peer companies. We’ve put together a brief synopsis of the most significant findings relevant to the World Class Finance Journey.

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Don’t Let The News Dictate Your Priorities

Despite cyber attacks being the most widely reported risk, the need for offense and defence goes beyond customer data hacks. The risk of tunnel vision around cyber security often means that companies end up overlooking other potential threats. It is important to take a holistic approach to considering risks and how to protect different aspects and assets of the business.

This article delves into how to take a wider lensed approach to better manage threats.

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