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P2P Leaders Summit London 2016

p2p leaders summitPresentation and Learning Lab at P2P Leaders Summit hosted by SharedServicesLink, London 22nd-24th June 2016.

CEO and Founder of Consider Solutions, Dan French will host a conference session, entitled ‘The Role of Process Analytics in the P2P Cycle’. He will also be co-hosting a Learning Lab Session with Robin Ashby around P2P Analytics and Optimising the P2P Process.

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Conference Session

Simplification, Standardisation & Optimisation of P2P cycle is the key mission of the P2P GPO. However, the choices between the diagnostic tools required to meet this challenge are less clear. Process Excellence techniques, Continuous Improvement  and new process automation technologies all provide part of the answer but how do we identify and prioritise what needs to change?

‘Data Analytics’ is a well-accepted concept in audit teams and certain operational groups across the business and the hype around ‘Big Data’ is fuelling stakeholder interest. Whether for ‘checks and balances’, assuring against error, waste, fraud, policy or control exceptions, analytics principles are well proven. What are the analytics best practices for the Purchase to Pay cycle?

We are in the midst of some fairly substantial shifts in our technology and data worlds, not to mention continued structural changes in our businesses. What opportunities do these changes present for a new world in analytics, how will they affect the Global Process Owner? How will analytics evolve as part of the GPO toolbox. How will emerging capabilities contribute to the future world of data and process analytics? Dan’s presentation and discussion, based on experience, observation and current research, explores the case for GPO analytics, evolution of approaches and the business and technology trends that impact us.

Learning Lab

In a recent survey, SharedServicesLink found that 68% of participants stated it was their 2016 objective to push their P2P process to become truly end to end. Global Standardisation, therefore, is a hot topic. This event will be addressing a number of challenges facing P2P leadership, including compliance, deviation, technology solutions and global implementation projects.

Our CEO Dan French will be facilitating an afternoon Learning Lab around the topic of P2P Analytics and how to drive optimised P2P process performance.

This will be broken down into specifics including overall drivers of performance, best practice analytics and the key risks around P2P.

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