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Achieving Financial Excellence; GRC Jellyfish Webcast; Excel Heaven and Hell; Expense Fraud

In this issue: +++ Achieving Financial Excellence +++ Are You Wrestling With The GRC Jellyfish? Webcast +++ Excel; Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It +++ Expense Fraud is Big and Avoidable +++

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Achieving Financial Excellence

SAP have sponsored a new report, ‘Achieving Financial Excellence’. Our article ‘Beyond Automation: Finance Excellence Requires Continuous Improvement’ looks at insights, techniques and best practices to help you on your journey.

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There are some additional whitepapers on achieving financial excellence on topics from Global Process Ownership, Shared Services to Data Analytics.

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Webcast: Are You Wrestling With the GRC Jellyfish?

Whether your GRC program has several years ‘on the clock’, you are planning a new initiative or trying to revitalize a stagnant program, this webcast will offer valuable insights on making cross-functional governance, risk and compliance programs drive real business value.Our guest speaker Urs Burkart, has had an interesting career to date, as a Financial Controller, Accountant, Financial Controls Manager and SAP implementation practitioner. We look forward to his unique insight.

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Excel; Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It

Excel is used by over 750 million people worldwide. But business’ overreliance on it is a cause of much concern in the audit and compliance world. When it goes wrong it can result in serious loss and damage. As Excel turns 30 we thought we share some insights into what is starting to change.

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Expense Fraud is Big and Avoidable

As with all manual processes, there is complexity in distinguishing between genuine human error and fraud. But with an estimated $1 billion lost in expense fraud in 2015, this is a complexity that cannot be ignored. However, are clear company policies and automated controls enough to stem the tide?

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