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Webcast: Are you Wrestling with the GRC Jellyfish?


Grappling with GRC programs can be like navigating rocky, shark infested water. This webcast looked at how to overcome the many challenges and achieve success with best practices and lessons learned from our GRC expert guest speaker Urs Burkart.

Few understand better the difficulty of getting to grips with a ‘slippery’ Governance, Risk and Compliance program than Urs. Launching and guiding a global GRC program for a leading FMCG company is no mean feat, and he has the scars to prove it! This experience along with his varied and interesting career to date, from Financial Controller, to SAP implementation practitioner (and he somehow managed to squeeze in being a key player in the Swiss Ice Hockey Team in the 1988 Winter Olympics!) enable him to provide advice and experiences into how to drive real business value with your own GRC program.

There are plenty of webcasts and sources of advice on tools and techniques to conduct GRC activities. This was not one of those. This event was specifically focussed on the management practices required to ensure a complex, cross functional GRC program delivers on its promise to stakeholders.

Urs and Dan French, Founder and CEO at Consider Solutions and a regular speaker on World Class Finance, risk management, control and compliance, process & ERP optimization covered topics including:

  • The catalyst for the GRC Program
  • Managing cross-functional stakeholder engagement
  • Building a mission/purpose for the GRC program and identifying relevant objectives
  • Measuring and communicating progress in a GRC program
  • The challenges and how to address them
  • Best practices
  • Q&A