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GRC Jellyfish Webcast; Future of the Finance Function; SAP Finance Journey at Global Entertainment Company; Shortage of Key Finance Skills

In this issue: +++ Are You Wrestling With The GRC Jellyfish Webcast+++ The Future Of The Finance Function +++ The SAP Finance Journey at Global Entertainment Company Webcast+++ 2016 Finance Skills Outlook Indicates Shortage In Key Areas +++


Webcast: Are You Wrestling With The GRC Jellyfish?

Whether your GRC program has several years ‘on the clock’, you are planning a new initiative or just trying to revitalize an existing program, this webcast will offer valuable insights on making cross-functional governance, risk and compliance programs drive real business value.

Join us on the 11th February to hear our guest speaker Urs Burkart talk about the challenges, experiences, best practices and lessons learned in steering a global GRC program through rocky, shark infested waters.

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The Future of the Finance Function

As 2016 approaches, hot on the heels of some recent conferences on the topic we share some thoughts and predictions for where the finance function is headed. Find out whether robots are going to take our job, why we should be adding a 5th ‘v’ to the traditional 4 v’s of Big Data, and why so many people have got their heads in ‘The Cloud’.

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Webcast: The SAP Finance Journey at Global Entertainment Company

ERP landscape optimization is creeping up managements priority list, to achieve more for less with increasing efficiency.

Join us on Tuesday 12th January 2016 to hear from Dave Cornine, VP of Global Financial Systems for a rare insight into this success story.

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2016 Finance Skills Outlook Indicates Shortage in Key Areas

A new report details that 50% of organisations expect their ability to attract and retain key finance talent to worsen in the coming year. The roles that will be most in demand within the compliance, risk management and data analytics fields will also be the most difficult to recruit, with a lack of candidates who possess the necessary skills.

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