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Economic Headwinds Sharpen Focus on Operational Excellence

I had a fascinating conversation yesterday on this topic with an expert in the field.

In a continued turbulent global economy with challenging interest rates, stubborn inflation, volatile consumer demand, supply chain challenges and geopolitical instability we are in a perfect storm that demands the highest performance in all areas of the business.

We are all being challenged with the need to “Do More for Less” and to maximise Customer Value in dynamic conditions.

We need to enhance our capabilities of Stamina, Strength, Efficiency, Agility, Control and Speed . . .

This is the essence of Operational Excellence.

I spoke to Bogdan Stefan, who has a wealth of transformation, continuous improvement and operational excellence experience across multiple industries and explored his perspective on the “4 Pillars of Operational Excellence”;

  • End-to-End Processes
  • Customer Experience
  • Employee Experience
  • Innovation & Continuous Improvement

We all recognise each of these strategies individually, sometimes with greater or lesser successes in implementation.

The key that fascinated me is the integration of these strategies into a common, practical framework that moves us from periodic “Big Bang” transformations to continuously improving operational efficiency, customer value & experience, employee contribution and the application of innovation – at speed.

You can get the recording of this 30 minute discussion on Operational Excellence here . . . .

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