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Why Bother With End-to-End Processes?

We have a choice . . . .

We can focus on enterprise value creation as well as cost reduction.

Fortunately, this is the top aspiration for Finance and GBS leadership in a recent survey.

We know that 95% of the challenges and inefficiences in transactional finance activities, for example, are caused by actions (or lack of actions) that take place in prior stages of the value stream. 

Just consider Accounts Payable or Credit & Collections as examples in the end to end Source to Pay or Customer to Cash cycles.

“End to End” process, thinking, collaboration, alignment, ownership (it’s a spectrum!) is a critical strategy for achieving enterprise value.


Because the alternative is “silo” thinking and “silo” operations, which results in what we have always had.

Continuing to do the same things but expecting different results leads to a stressful life . . . 

It is obvious really, but the demands of business sometimes conspire to create an environment that doesn’t work.

But there are proven strategies that can help win executive and create a coalition for change.

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