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Who is Making the Crucial Decisions? CEO Survey . . .

Many of us are very keen on the idea of a “seat at the table” where the BIG decisions are made.

But, “be careful what you wish for”  . . .

Eilis Cronin at Management Today wrote an interesting piece reflecting the findings of the latest IBM CEO Survey.

This caught my eye.

When the CEOs were asked who will make the most crucial strategic decisions (aside from themselves), chief financial officers (CFO) were beaten by chief operating officers (COO), who were voted for by 62% of respondents – CFOs were voted for by 52%.”

An EY survey reported that 67% of executives indicate tensions and disagreements between CFOs and the rest of the C-suite, especially when it comes to balancing short-term and long-term priorities.

This raises interesting questions about stakeholder alignment for key business initiatives. Are we covering all the bases?

How’s that table looking now?

Naturally, technology and AI is discussed in this CEO survey but the findings focus, reassuringly, on outcomes as the priority.

Generative AI might be the hot topic, but productivity is still the leading concern for CEOs as they look to the future.

Tech modernisation in second place at 45% and customer experience at 44% – down from first place in 2022.

Whilst technology is still viewed as the external force that will most impact businesses in the future (48%), there has been a 7 percentage point decrease since 2022!

You can read the Management Today article “Productivity remains top concern for future-proofing CEOs” here . . .

You can also get the source IBM Study, “CEO decision-making in the age of AI”, here . . .

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