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What the COVID experience is teaching us about Behavioral Change

“What the COVID experience is teaching us about Behavioral Change”

What can we learn from this year about organizing ourselves individually and collectively for success?

2020 has created a global change in habits and behaviors, whether or not we asked for it. Some of us feel just fine about that, and the changes have not felt oppressive or significant. For others, it has been stressful and difficult. For many, there has been a “mask of calm” covering true feelings.

As professionals and business leaders, as well as from the perspective of individuals with different personalities and viewpoints, we will benefit from better understanding the impact of this “enforced behavioral change” on ourselves, our colleagues, our organizations and our friends and families.

The five of us came together as we have all become actively aware of the varying impact that 2020 is having. We think it is worth an hour to think more deeply about it, discuss and share our different thoughts and experiences in the context of a poll-driven discussion with you. It is, without doubt, an important topic as leaders as well as personally and individually.

Join Elena Och, Sylvain Lonchay, Juergen Mueller, Mark Hookey and Dan French for a virtual discussion, based on live participant polls. Who knows what you may learn?

We represented a cross section of disciplines from finance, internal controls, audit, consulting, risk management, technology, psychology, leadership coaching, business school education, meditation and even a yoga master!

You can watch the full webcast recording below…