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What Links Business Performance, Risk Management & James Bond?

What is the link between optimising business performance, risk management and the famous fictional spy?

“Proactive risk management at the icon of the James Bond franchise famed for ultra-luxury sports cars . . . Aston Martin . . . . “

I had a fascinating conversation on the challenges and opportunities associated with optimising business performance and risk management with Justin Thornton, Director of Internal Audit & Risk Management at Aston Martin Lagonda.

Post pandemic, just when we thought everything would “calm down”, we have entered a “perfect storm” of risk.

The pace of technological innovation, economic challenges, supply chain issues, a turbulent global environment and diverging regulations create a need for delicate navigation in any business.

What do today’s leaders need to focus on to help drive effective risk management with data driven decision making for outstanding business results?

Justin Thornton will share his perspectives on these topics for 30 minutes on April 18th.

If you can’t make the date, but want to get access to the proceedings/recording, register below and you will get a copy by email, post event.

You can get details and register with “1 click” on LinkedIn here . . .  or at the website here . . .

See you on the 18th . . . 

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