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What are Phil’s “4 Levers of Value” for Global Business Services?

We talk a lot about “driving value” for our businesses, but what does that really mean?

How would your CEO define it?

There is a common aspiration across GBS and Shared Services organizations, as well as in Finance, Procurement and other corporate functions to make the shift from a purely cost reduction focus to one of value creation.

Easy to say, but hard to do.

Phil Priest, Senior Vice President Global Business Services at Smith & Nephew, joins us for this 30 minute “Fireside Chat” (OK, webcast 😉) to discuss the FOUR LEVERS that can genuinely align with, and unlock, business value for GBS.

Cost will always be a factor, and is an element of value in itself, but there is far more to this discussion.

What does “VALUE” mean in a GBS context, how should that value be judged, and by whom?

Many organizations struggle with this “cost vs value ” challenge, and this discussion will provide food for thought and action, on how YOU can align your teams around actionable strategies.

Join me as I “grill Phil” in this discussion of the 4 Levers of Business Value.

You can get details and save your place here . . .  

This will be a great start to 2023.