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Optimising financial processes

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Webcast: 5 Steps to Purchase to Pay (P2P) Excellence

P2P process owners, practitioners, experts & executives are pulled in multiple directions between competing priorities that are in constant flux – the drive for greater efficiency, the promise of the latest technology, complex ERP landscapes, pressures on working capital and significant structural business changes to name but a few. How do we know which we should REALLY be focussing on to see tangible improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of our performance?

We cut through the noise to provide some clarity, some structured, easy to follow advice and practical steps, that don’t require large scale project investments. We can’t promise you one quick fix (it doesn’t exist!) but we can promise you will learn something new and provide some actionable value…

In 45 minutes we shared key approaches that your peers are taking to P2P optimization (not everything needs to be about ‘transformation’). We know what works well and what is harder than it appears, based on experiences with our client community and partners around the world, and from our own in depth research.

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