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Webinar: Huntsman Corporation – GPOs and Internal Controls

huntsman-1Since the advent of Sarbanes-Oxley, most companies have implemented, refined, consolidated, automated and optimized much of their internal controls framework.

Traditionally internal controls has been the responsibility of a dedicated team reporting into Finance, yet we are now seeing Internal Controls becoming part of the Global Process Owner (GPOs) mandate – making it another notch on the belt of the mature GPO’s

SharedServicesLink, Consider Solutions and Huntsman are the speakers on this educational webinar which discussed the developing relationship between GPO’s and Internal Controls. Arlene Nelson, Director Internal Controls and Global Business Process at Huntsman, shared the Huntsman journey, experiences and methodologies they are taking to align Internal Controls with Business Process Ownership.

This webinar:

  • Highlighted the responsibilities and challenges of a GPO
  • Explored the relationship between Internal Controls and Global Processes
  • Offered best practices on how GPOs can best prepare to meet evolving expectations
  • Looked at the challenges, opportunities and requirements as GPOs and Internal Controls prepare to collide.

Recording of Webinar:

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