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Webcast: The BP Experience: Foundation Stones for the Purchase to Pay (P2P) Global Process Owner (GPO)

Global Process Ownership (GPO) is the ‘role de jour’ of the transformational business. Everyone is talking about it, many are doing it but few are doing it very well.

Source to Pay (S2P), or its shorter cousin Purchase to Pay (P2P), are the lowest hanging fruit for any organisation to drive value in hard cash terms. But it is not an easy road.

What is the basis of the business case and desired outcome for a global P2P or S2P process and the process ownership function? To reduce maverick spend, drive down the cost of the process operation, reduce cycle time, “make buying simple”, manage risk & compliance more effectively, enable strategic flexibility, improve supplier relationships, optimise cash management or something else?

The challenge in driving success as the P2P GPO is both in gaining top-down commitment to the role and desired outcome, and applying smart (not necessarily expensive) tools and techniques.

The BP experience in driving end to end process improvement in P2P is an important case study with lessons for us all.

On the 9th February 2017, Dan French of Consider and Mark Miles former P2P Director at BP shared experiences and insights and offered guidance for the GPO Journey for Purchase to Pay.

This webcast is relevant to CFOs and senior finance and Shared Services executives, Purchase to Pay, Procurement and Accounts Payable leaders, current and aspiring Global Process Owners, those responsible for risk, control and compliance in a P2P context, and those leading IT and ERP enablement in support of the P2P and Finance cycles.

Our experts addressed the following topics:

  • The P2P GPO Challenge
  • The BP Experience – Foundation Stones for the P2P GPO
  • Standardisation, Simplification & Automation
  • KPIs & Analytics for P2P
  • Governance – “Making it Happen”
  • Thoughts for the Journey

Recording of the Webcast:

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