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Continuous Monitoring for Risk & Controls – a Deeper Dive

For those interested in the practicalities of Continuous Monitoring and Exception Analytics this presentation deals with the detailed approach, the questions to be answered and the challenges of rule refinement.

Dan French, CEO, Consider Solutions
Steve Rooney, CM Practice Leader, Consider Solutions

Broadcast July 31st, 2012, from 15:30 BST



Whether you are interested in Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) or a broader view of Continuous Monitoring (CM) of transactions and data for control, risk and performance improvement purposes, this session is for you. A critical element of any effective Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) strategy, continuous monitoring shifts risk assurance from a judgement-based to a fact-based approach.

Topics include:

  • Risk & Control – Prevention & Detection
  • Continuous Monitoring Work Streams
  • Tasks
  • Managing Complexity
  • Exception Analytics – Defining the detail, examples