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Wash Your Hands and Keep your Vendor Master Clean

While data is a critical asset for any business, Master Data is the engine of efficiency and effectiveness. Master Data drives transactional processes and is at the core of the Shared Services or Global Business Services model.

Debra R Richardson has helped set up Shared Services functions for the $130bn behemoth that is Verizon, and others, and has focused her career on master data governance, especially Vendor Master Data.

Steve Fox has built and led a Global Business Services organization for a $26bn business and knows the power and risk associated with master data.

Join them on 16th December as they share their experiences, observations and best practices.

You will gain insights into master data governance, management, integrity and continuous monitoring. You will also get access to some free of charge resources, and some tools of the trade.

Whether you are in Procurement, Finance, Shared Services, Data Management, Continuous Improvement or Accounts Payable, this is a session you won’t want to miss, with two experts in their field.

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