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Two Data Issues to Watch Out For in 2021  

The last 12 months accelerated digitisation across global businesses as remote, separated work became inescapable and consumers, suppliers and partners demanded contactless interfaces and interactions.

Analysts project that this pace will increase!

  • CIO budgets are expected to rise by at least 4%
  • 92% report accelerated investment in Data and AI
  • 65% have appointed a Chief Data Officer

However, 75% of executives admit they are struggling to build the data-driven organisation. There is quite a back story here.

A recent Forbes article, tackles two of the issues, which they describe as;

“Organisational Shuffle” and “Technology Confirmation Bias”

The author challenges governance, alignment and reporting lines as well as raising the concept of “Center of Design” for technology solutions and alignment with the “BIG 3”, users, data and processes. He also describes “Corner” vs “Core” use-cases.

They warn us to avoid “taking the wrong car to the wrong race”!

Data is a core topic across business leadership, and Forbes raise these interesting ideas that might just help our next phase of acceleration! You can have a 5 minute read of the article here