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The Rise and Rise of “Digitization Disappointment”

We are constantly reminded of the pain of legacy technology and manual processes.

This is true.

But there is an even worse fate.

Digitization disappointment.

There is an abundance of technologies claiming to be the ‘silver bullet’ to achieve better business outcomes and digital excellence.

The reality is more complex and nuanced.

In fact, 80% of companies claim disappointment with the returns on digitization efforts.


Here are three of the common causes that I see.

  • The natural tension between process-driven and technology-driven change
  • Understanding the necessary nuances of the end-to-end process and the various journeys through it
  • The impact of human (not just our own people’s) behavior on driving technology adoption and process effectiveness

There are seven steps we need to take, which I outline in the short piece here . . .

There are no “Silver Bullets”, “Quick Fixes” or “Easy Hacks” to success.

Yes, sometimes suppliers exaggerate their claims, their business value and time to value, but it is our responsibility to identify what is desirable and achievable for our business.

We share a practical checklist of potholes and actions that can help you succeed where many others keep failing.

Thanks for reading . . . .