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The CISO’s Role in driving Transformation & Continuous Improvement

We ran a fascinating 30 minute “fireside chat” with Jorge Torres, former Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at UNICEF to understand the role of the CISO in a business world of conatnt transformation and change, largely centred on information . . . 

We discussed some facts and myths around information & technology risk, and the role of the CISO.

Risk Management is a “Balancing Act” between opportunity and threat.

Managing Change is about risk management, but NOT elimination. That is both impossible AND undesirable!

Jorge, a highly accomplished Global IT executive and CISO, has developed the information and technology security posture of global organizations through a series of business and technology transformations.

We all need to drive our businesses forward, anticipate customer demands, respond to the need for an ever enhanced “experience” (internally and externally) and transform operations to maximise effectiveness and impact on our markets, supply chains, communities and people.

We are all stakeholders AND participants in risk management.

We discussed a number of questions;

  • What IS the role of the CISO?
  • What is the CISO’s Role in driving Business Transformation & Change?
  • Winning “Hearts & Minds” – How do you develop the required “coalition” of stakeholders
  • To whom should the CISO report?
  • How does the trend towards “cloud first” applications and services impact the CISO?   
  • How do you navigate the perceptions of the CISO as “Business Change Enablement” vs “Change Prevention”?
  • What advice would you give to a business leader tasked with a transformation program?

This 30 minute session provided some important context and guidance for Transformation & CI Leaders, Process Owners, CFOs, Controllers, GBS, Shared Services and other business leaders as well as for current and aspiring CISOs and CIOs.

Yuo can watch or listen to the 30 minute session below