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The Biggest Productivity Impact that I failed to Consider . . .

Matthew Kearney and Alpana Dutta of EY wrote a piece that stopped me in my tracks.

We are busy looking at performance improvements through process and technology transformations, different sourcing models and locations, but have we missed something closer to home?

We all know that technology has facilitated massive advances and greater connectivity within and between organizations.

But it has also forged greater divides.

Many employees feel lonelier and more detached than ever before.

It’s a gap that grows wider as five generations work side-by-side, more virtually than in person.

  • 82% of us feel lonely at work.
  • 49% say they are lonelier now than before the COVID pandemic.
  • 40% say that lack of face-to-face interactions with co-workers is a significant contributor.

“As organizations continue to expect more from their people, they can lose sight of what their employees expect from them – namely greater emphasis on their personal needs, preferences and individual feelings.”

The latest “EY Belonging Barometer 2.0” report digs into this, and it’s worth a read.

The authors describe six key levers that, when they are well developed and executed, can maximize genuine engagement contributing to transformation success:

It is worth a read here . . .

The article may be titled “The role Global Business Services must play in putting humans at the center”, but it affects EVERY business leader . . .

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