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The 5 Key Levers for Effective Global Process Ownership

A co-ordinated, end-to-end business process governance model, from design to execution, is widely seen as the critical enabler for successful business change and digital transformation.

The “Global Process Owner” is the “role du jour” in organizations that aspire to world class performance.

Ambitions and aspirations are high, but execution is hard.

The GOOD NEWS is that we had two global experts who shared their experiences with you, warts and all, from multiple roles in different companies on the various models of Global Process Ownership, the trade-offs and strategies for success.

I was delighted to host Shelley Davies, Global Process Excellence and Automation Lead at Anglo American and Steve Fox, former VP Global Business Services at Thermo Fisher Scientific. These two process excellence leaders have a wealth of experience, not least from these two $40bn companies.

Shelley and Steve shared their GPO experiences and journey to date, the answer to the big “WHY” question, the explanation of the “WHAT”, the mechanics of the “HOW”, observations and lessons learned and what they would do differently “next time” . .

You can see the recorded 45 minute webcast here . . .

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