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Success Strategies for the Intercompany Global Process Owner (GPO)

Join us on October 6th when we host Steve Standring, Global Head of Intercompany at Blackline, to explore the realities, challenges and best practices for aspiring and current Intercompany Global Process Owners.

Intercompany gets much less attention than O2C, R2R and P2P, but this process is responsible for a high proportion of finance transaction activity and has a massive impact on overall corporate revenue, cost, tax and product profitability.

Effective Intercompany operations is about process, policies, stakeholders, data, accounting principles, operating efficiency and accountability.

For many, the Intercompany process remains an obscure but costly activity, in effort, frustration and financial resources.

Join us on October 6th for 30 minutes to shine a light on the challenges and opportunities and discover how to further enhance the value of the Intercompany process to the global business.

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