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Has the Technology Response to COVID Changed the Game? 

Has the Technology Response to COVID Changed the Game? 

COVID-19 has carelessly trodden all over the year 2020, leaving muddy footprints that don’t seem wash off very easily. One massive ripple it’s caused is history’s biggest surge in technology investment.

Harvey Nash/KPMG’s 2020 CIO and technology leadership survey is just out and has highlighted that the acceleration in digital transformation is here to stay.

There are some other intresting observations too;
• 61% of stated that the pandemic caused an increase in influence of the technology leader
• Despite tech leaders feeling increasing influence, executive committee participation has fell from 71% to 61%
• 8 in 10 IT leaders were concerned about their employee’s mental health
• Diverse teams have improved trust, collaboration and business performance
• Major skills shortage in tech talent with cyber security and cloud skills dangerously low

In the year where location and distance genuinely made no difference, technology may just be on the brink of providing the impact it always promised.

You can read the full article here

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