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Something to Consider: Global Process Ownership & Getting More For Less

Something to Consider October 2017 3

The GPO & Getting “More for Less” with Shared Services

The finance function is stronger, leaner and more productive than at any time in the past, yet the “more for less” agenda shows no sign of abating and Global Process Owners are leading the charge. There is good news that the cost of the typical finance function has decreased dramatically, expectations are higher than ever and pressure to perform against benchmarking has also increased. However, the GPO has got her work cut out requiring the individual to ‘fine tune the engine, whilst driving at speed’ – delivering what is urgent today while getting ready for what will be important tomorrow.

Whilst the definition of the GPO role may vary across organizations, there are common challenges and keys to success. Check out our blog post on how GPOs can be equipped to succeed, read it here

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