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Something to Consider: The Human Side of AI

Something to Consider October 2017 1

The Human Side of AI

For every positive article praising new technology advancements for efficiency and effectiveness in automation, analytics and artificial intelligence, you could find ten more that describe a jobless, robotic future where AI and machines have overtaken humans in intelligence and thus human skills become obsolete. Unfortunately, it seems that our area of work in the domain of world class finance processes and systems will be the first to go in the robot takeover. A pretty bleak outlook! But is it all actually doom and gloom?

Our Co-Founder Tom Gruber, creator of Intelligent Assistant Siri, doesn’t agree with these predictions. In his recent TED Talk, he discusses “humanistic AI”, the idea that as software becomes more intelligent, this will enhance our memory, work and social lives. The advancement of technology is inextricably linked with the advancement of humans, whether that be through more sophisticated cancer diagnosis, cognitive enhancement for our memories, enhanced decision making or better and easier ways for people to socialise.

History is littered with prophets of doom who forecast that technology changes will either destroy society (as with the printing press, for example) or turn us all into couch potatoes with no work to do (as with the prophecy of pervasive computing technology in the 1970’s). Technology typically takes us in directions that we didn’t conceive of at the outset.

Instead of asking how intelligent we can make our machines, instead we should be asking how intelligent can our machines make us?

We highly recommend Tom’s 10 minute TED Talk on why we should all embrace the seismic movement of Artificial Intelligence and look forward to a better future for humans because of it. You can find it here

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