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Is Your Data Strategy an Island, a Bridge or a Rapid Response Team?

Is Your Data Strategy an Island, a Bridge or a Rapid Response Team?

Implementing an effective data and insights strategy. It’s certainly a business goal for most leaders.

However, easier said than done… There is a natural tension between management’s need for rapid response data insights into business processes and operations and the reality of understanding, structuring, cleansing, curating and delivering this data insights capability “as a service”.

Data science has a view on this. Data and technology architects have a view. Marketers and Consultants have a view. Even Behavioral Psychologists have a view on it.

Business and leaders and CIOs are burdened by expectations that all this data should be directly available, self-service, consumer-grade, NOW!

The reality is still far from this.

A recent MIT Sloan Management Review article suggests the solution is a ‘bridge’ connecting the two disciplines. An interesting idea, but maybe lacking the insights that the “Agile” experience has taught us.

I thought the time is right to share some perspective on the issue. There’s definitely no backseat to be taken on this drive. This is critical, maybe even existential stuff… it is brief, but hopefully insightful. You can read here

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