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Global Process Owners… The Time to add Value is Now

Global Process Owners… The Time to add Value is Now

The Global Process Owner…

A senior role that oversees the unification of responsibilities for performance, people, processes, technology and change management. An aspirational role that’s becoming a focal point for continuous improvement and transformation.  A key role that’s growing increasingly critical in the business environment that’s emerging from 2020.

But, considering appointing a GPO is just the start. What should they “own”? What should they “champion”? How will they drive visibility, alignment, collaboration, integration, insight and enhanced performance? Where should they report? There is a lot to decide and even more to do!

Are you ready?  

Matt Evans, a Global Process Owner at Rolls-Royce, believes the implementation of a GPO model to be an essential structure that coordinates and adapts processes across the functions of the entire organization.

Evans argues the lack of a global process ownership model creates a ‘weak link’ in the business, whereby investment is made piecemeal, causing cycle time delays, inefficiency and poor end-to-end performance.

Our own Steve Fox, former VP of GBS at Thermo Fisher Scientific, has championed the GPO role for many years and is laser-focused on ensuring GPOs deliver both on strategy and operations, with strong alignment with the functions, business units, finance, IT and audit.

You can read more from Matt Evans at Rolls Royce and Gerry Lyons from Edwards Vacuum. It’s insightful stuff… You can find the full article here.

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