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Continuous Improvement… Changing the wheels at speed?

Continuous Improvement… Changing the wheels at speed? 

In a recent survey we ran in the heat of COVID summer, 75% of Shared Services and GBS leaders agreed that the business emphasis is now shifting, as a result of the crisis, from large scale transformation initiatives to more targeted process change and continuous improvement.

No big surprise, maybe, but it sets the agenda for a more focused period of change and digitisation.

Join me as I explore the implications of this shift with Steve Fox and what it means for business leaders and those working on business change and transformation.

This online session will be on December 8th at 8am Pacific (coffee time), 4pm London (tea time), but you can join us with your favorite refreshment from anywhere in the world.

We will discuss 5 key challenges and how to overcome them;
• Inertia of Culture and Behaviors
• Securing Stakeholder Buy-In
• Death by Data
• Torture by Technology
• Changing The Wheels Whilst Driving at Speed

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