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Something to Consider 3: October 2018

Something to Consider October 2018 – 8 Predictions for the Finance Function of 2025

Finance Function of 2025

When trying to make predictions about the future its important to understand the past: to see where we have come from, to know where we are going. When we wrote our blog post on the future of the finance function back in 2015, two of the key themes we focussed on were the relationship between people and technology, and the use of data and analytics. We recently read the FEI’s predictions for the future of finance in 2025 and found these two predictions are still priorities for the next 10 years.

It is thought provoking stuff and reflects some of the discussions I had earlier this week in a webcast with Jim O’Connor of The Hackett Group. He shared a 2025 vision of Global Business Services.  The FEI list contains 8 priorities they believe will be fundamentally affecting the finance function in 2025. You can find them in the brief article at the link below, but we also need to consider the change in consumer behaviour, the drive to convenience and intimacy required to drive it. Finance and GBS are key players in this new world.

We are discussing many of these topics in our webcasts, and I am particularly drawn to the idea of Finance becoming “Insights Central” and the rise of self-service, not just for the consumer, economic customer, suppliers and partners, but for management decision making.

You can find the full article here​​​​

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