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Something to Consider 1: October 2018

Something to Consider October 2018 – Latest Insights on Digital Transformation from Hackett Group

Hackett Group Weigh in on Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is the strategy discussion in every boardroom. However, whilst technology is a critical enabler, the focus of the most successful ‘digital’ businesses is the new consumer, the business model that creates intimacy and convenience, and the processes that drive that model.

It is easy to assume that this is all about sales and marketing, but the new thinking requires as much focus on the “back office” functions as on the consumer interaction. In fact, the term “One Office” has been applied to this thinking.

Global Business Services are at the forefront of driving change here, and World Class GBS organizations outperform their peers significantly.

Figures from The Hackett Group indicate that nearly half of GBS organizations are currently piloting SaaS, RPA, advanced analytics, data visualization and cognitive AI technologies targeted to a ‘Global Process’ focused approach.

We are digging into some of The Hackett Group GBS research with Jim O’Connor, Global Finance and GBS Advisory Practice Leader, at our upcoming webcast, challenging our thinking on Digital Transformation, Global Process Ownership, Intelligent Automation and the role of Data. We will hear some new insights and benchmarks and take a look at “Where Next” for GBS and the Digitally Transformed business.

Join us as we discuss these issues with The Hackett Group and SharedServicesLink at our upcoming webcast on 17th October.

For more information on the agenda and to register your attendance, please follow this link​​​​

Our ‘Something To Consider’ snippets are framed as small, digestible, ‘dashes of insight’ around the pillars of what we define as “World Class Finance” – Process Optimization, Financial Control and Compliance, and Risk Assurance, all underpinned by technology enablement and integration.