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Something to Consider: What are the Leadership Challenges for the Intelligent Automation Wave?

Something to Consider November 2019 5

Leadership Challenges for the AI Wave

In a recent survey of 3000 global executives, 85% believed that AI will allow their companies to obtain a competitive advantage. But of the 60% of respondents who viewed AI strategy as “urgent” for their organizations, only half already had one in place.
Tomorrow is not the time for leaders to determine how to integrate AI into their businesses; the AI future is here today.
We are very excited to be hosting a session next week with a leader in this field: AI Pioneer, Product Designer, architect of Siri, former Apple Exec and TED Talker, Dr Tom Gruber. He will be discussing how business leaders can prepare themselves for the unstoppable force of Artificial intelligence and how to achieve the most value from it. You can register here.
AI’s capabilities have expanded significantly and will continue to do so at exponential rates. Business leaders have a responsibility to learn how to utilise AI effectively and understand the implications of AI for their industries and organizations.
Whilst we are all aware of the theoretical transformative power of AI, are business leaders truly prepared for the changes that come with it?
This article delves into greater detail looking at the top 3 ways in which businesses are already using AI to innovate and drive change and value. You can read it here.
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