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Something to Consider: What are the Top 3 Findings of the CFO Survey?

Something to Consider November 2019 3

The Strategic CFO in a Rapidly Changing World

As businesses grapple with global economic uncertainty, an increasingly technology-driven world, changing consumer preferences and other factors that affect corporate performance, CFOs have an opportunity to take on a more strategic role and guide their companies to success.
In a survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit, 60% of CFO’s lack complete visibility into transactions in their organization.
76% of respondents cite leveraging new technology or improving processes as top ways organisations can better help execute corporate finance strategy.
The top 3 key findings of the report are:
  • Strategic CFOs break down silos to gain visibility across departments
  • Technology and process improvement are central to risk, capital and cost management
  • Business performance risk is the top financial threat over the next two years

You can find a full copy of the survey results and insights here 

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