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Something to Consider: Is Compliance Complacency Causing A Security Risk?

Something to Consider November 2019 2

Compliance Security Risk

When it was enacted into law 17 years ago Sarbanes Oxley was revolutionary and innovative. It still remains a powerhouse in its own right. However, when it comes to today’s information security challenges, it falls short.

SOX compliance may help you avoid unpleasant audit focus or SEC-imposed financial penalties, but there are major risks beyond the SOX boundaries!

There is a disconnect between what is mandated for compliance and what is secure. It’s crucial that it is just a starting point, not the finish line. Having SOX compliance is not the same as being secure, just as having the front door securely locked does not mean that you can ignore your windows!

Our article of the week delves into why we need to go further than just SOX compliance to ensure our organisations are not vulnerable. You can find it here

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