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Something to Consider: A Leader’s Lessons in Digital Transformation at Speed

Something to Consider May 2020 2

It is surreal.

We have leapt five years forward in remote work and digital access to services in just eight short weeks.

Every business has changed operations at a pace they would not have considered previously. It does make you think about what is possible as we work to get back to full speed.

It is inspiring to see the triumph of willpower and leadership over all the scepticism and genuine barriers that impede progress in major change.

A week ago, it was my privilege to host Dr Hermann Schuster, Chief Digital Officer at Arlanxeo as he shared his experiences in leading an enterprise wide digital transformation across a global business, all processes, all regions and operating units, in 2 years.

Many much less radical transformations are taking much longer than this. There is a lot we can learn from Hermann and his team, both in terms of the scope and scale of the benefits as well as the barriers and surprises along the way. We will be sharing a written synopsis of lessons learned, but I encourage you listen to Hermann’s story here

Whether you were contemplating digital transformation at the beginning of the year, or not, you have already achieved a lot in the crisis. It is the perfect time to take some broader inspiration on what can be achieved, and how.

Our ‘Something To Consider’ snippets are framed as small, digestible, ‘dashes of insight’ around the pillars of what we define as “World Class Finance” – Process Optimization, Financial Control and Compliance, and Risk Assurance, all underpinned by technology enablement and integration.