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Something to Consider: How Does the COVID Experience Position the Future of Shared Services and GBS?

Something to Consider June 2020 3

The sudden impact of Covid-19 has tested our business continuity plans as well as our human responses.

The great news is that most businesses have risen to the immense challenges and achieved more than anyone could have expected in such impossibly short time frames.

But short term achievements are now being overshadowed by longer term discussions about a future that will be far from “Business as Usual”.

CFO’s continue to focus on preserving cash in the face of an unpredictable future. Perhaps the biggest business challenge is the need for agility in this situation. Anticipating and responding to events is no longer about looking to, and repeating, the past.

Global Business Services and Shared Services organisations have proved their critical role responding and adapting to COVID, with many turning on a dime to 100% remote work without missing a beat. It has also exposed the holes and weaknesses in global processes for all to see, but has also galvanised leadership to harness the energy and passion we have shown to drive sustainable change. But these will continue to be challenging times.

Join us on 25th June as veteran GBS leader, Steve Fox and I share experiences and take us through the shifting sands, the new imperatives, proven tactics, lessons learned, next steps and more, in continuing to transform Global Business Services for our new realities.​

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