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Something to Consider 5: June 2018

Something to Consider June 2018 – Is It Time To Refresh Stagnant GRC Thinking?

Is It Time to Refresh Stagnant GRC Thinking?

“Top down” compliance driven approaches have proven to be costly and wasteful – and this new risk-oriented approach is gaining currency. There is a growing interest in, and application of, a more holistic Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) approach that supports enhanced management decision making, both for risk and performance, across the organization.

Much current practice applies risk and control management thinking in silos, limiting opportunities for broader business effectiveness and efficiency.

The future is becoming clearer. The world is moving from an “Assessment to Judgement” oriented process, towards a “Fact to Act’ model.

Integrating the silos of the end to end risk management process is a challenge, with activities that span objective setting, risk, policy management, controls design and implementation, continuous assessment/monitoring, change management, as well as detailed analytics on daily risk related activities.

Please join us on the 12th July in our free webcast discussing the GRC challenges and new perspectives. We will be looking beyond the technology bear traps, to share insights based on extensive experiences and best practices from our global clients, our innovative research program, and work at the nexus of AI, RPA and Smart Analytics.

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