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Something to Consider: Buzzword Bingo; The Cloud Confusion Game

Something to Consider July 2019 1

Buzzword Bingo – The Cloud Confusion Game

We like to take a ‘healthy skeptic’ view at Consider, particularly on grandiose promises, that we may have heard before (new technology, new ways of doing business etc). The promise of simplification is used (or misused) a lot, and yet business, functions, processes and technology don’t seem to be getting any simpler.

One of the biggest complexities businesses face is alignment. Beyond the fine details of actual implementation is the how, why and what. Ensuring every stakeholder involved is on the same page about intention and goals of a project or program can present the greatest challenge.

Our COO Hans Van Nes has captured his thoughts in a light-hearted blog post on how a seemingly simple conversation about new technology implementation can veer wildly into complexity beyond just the minutiae of buzzwords and technical details.

You can find the post here.

We’d love to hear if this reflects your experience, let us know!

Our ‘Something To Consider’ snippets are framed as small, digestible, ‘dashes of insight’ around the pillars of what we define as “World Class Finance” – Process Optimization, Financial Control and Compliance, and Risk Assurance, all underpinned by technology enablement and integration.