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Something to Consider 2: July 2018

Something to Consider July 2018 – Fraud Prevention and Detection: Culture & Controls 

Fraud Prevention & Detection: The Impact of Corporate Governance, Internal Controls and CultureRebranding Internal Audit for the New Generation

Fraud is still a taboo subject for most businesses. We know it’s there, the statistics tell us that it represents more than 5% of revenues lost, and every organization suffers, and yet it is very rarely, if ever discussed.

Sometimes the excuse for dismissing the fraud topic is related to perceived ‘materiality’ of potential losses. But be in no doubt, in todays work of heightened demands for transparency, fraud is a reputational and cultural risk for the organisation.

Consider Solutions is delighted to be joined on an upcoming webcast by Dr Devendra Kodwani, Professor of Financial Management and Corporate Governance at the Open University Business School. He will be sharing his expertise from academic research and experience with fraud detection and prevention, specifically around the culture and behaviour that drives, causes and allows fraud to occur.

Join us on the 13th September as we go beyond the headlines, look past the standard internal controls, and grapple with why fraud is still able to be so prolific in a modern society with all the latest tools and technology to prevent such occurrences.

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