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Something to Consider: Top 10 Priorities from Shared Services Leaders for 2020

Something to Consider January 2020 1

Happy New Year and new decade from all of us at Consider! We hope it is a successful, healthy and peaceful decade for all.

If like us you are refocussing your efforts and setting goals for the coming year then our latest blog post should make for an interesting read. Our CEO Dan French was invited to speak at a summit for Shared Services Leaders at the end of last year and he has written down the key lessons learned, many of which are relevant to anyone working in an end to end process:

  1. Smart “process thinking, supported by data” is critical.
  2. End to End Process thinking and alignment
  3. Are we aligned with the strategy of the company?
  4. Number of RPA BOTS deployed is NOT a measure of performance or success.
  5. Electronic Invoicing is delivering strong results
  6. “Think Big – Prove Small”
  7. “Data Hygiene” is moving up the priority stack
  8. Team, Leadership, Customer and Respect
  9. Change Management starts at the Business Case
  10. AGILE approaches require rapid decision making
  11. “Getting Buy-In, Building the Roadmap”
  12. Skills
  13. There are no “silver bullets”

This is just a snippet of what was shared, for the full insights you’ll have to read the blog post.

You can find it here

If you are unable to join the live session, please register as normal and you will receive a copy of the slides post-event.
Our ‘Something To Consider’ snippets are framed as small, digestible, ‘dashes of insight’ around the pillars of what we define as “World Class Finance” – Process Optimization, Financial Control and Compliance, and Risk Assurance, all underpinned by technology enablement and integration.