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Something to Consider 1: January 2019

Something to Consider January 2019 – Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish in 2019

10 Great TED Talks on Careers

We are used to making (or breaking!) resolutions at this time of year and one I made a few years ago was to watch one TED talk every week to help open my mind, drive fresh thinking and help motivate myself through the dark days of winter!

I highly recommend the TED app on your smartphone as it makes recommendations without you having to make the tough choices! TED talks are great because they are unusual, direct, thought provoking, inspiring, expert perspectives on topics outside the usual ‘narrow path of our intellectual field of vision’. All of this in just 10 minutes!

These 10 TED talks are recommended to help us think in new ways about our working lives and careers, and January is a great time of year to think about these things when we are (hopefully) refreshed and reengaged with our work! One of my all time favourites, whilst not officially a TED Talk, is Steve Jobs’ commencement speech to Stanford University students, examining how to see opportunities in setbacks, how to connect apparently disparate events of life, and how to find a career that can be a personal passion.

His concluding message is, “stay hungry, stay foolish”. A clarion call to lead us into 2019!

You can find these talks summarised here, and if you have an interest in the social impact of new technologies, I recommend you search out the TED talk from my co-founder, Tom Gruber, on “Humanistic AI”.

Best Wishes for an enlightened 2019!

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