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Something to Consider: Nailing it Shut; “The Missing Link” in Managing Change, Programs & Projects

Something to Consider December 2017 1

Nailing it Shut: “The Missing Link” in Managing Change, Programs & Projects

There are no medals for the hundred meter sprinter who leads at 80 meters and then wanders aimlessly off the track. The same is true for managing change, programs and projects that are planned but never fully driven to conclusion. That last 20% of effort, may represent 80% of the value realised, so why is this final stretch often the most neglected part?

Urgency and momentum can be quickly established at the start of any activity. The challenge is in sustained execution, and this challenges us all. We have shared our own diagnosis and thoughts in our latest thought leadership post. It’s not new information, but a good reminder of the key attributes needed to ensure progress does not stagnate and programs reach the final ‘nailing it shut’ phase. Give it a read here

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