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Something to Consider 1: December 2018

Something to Consider December 2018 – How to Avoid the Next ERP Failure

How to Avoid ERP Failure

In a world caught up in an innovation whirlwind, it is easy to forget that still a significant proportion of ERP and related system implementations fail, costs are significantly exceeded, schedules are not met, and improvements do not live up to expectations.

The reasons for this are as many and varied as the ERP’s being implemented. If your new ERP implementation is one of the array of new “cloud ERPs” then customisation, which is the “value killer” in systems implementation, is eliminated. However, that doesn’t take all the risk away as some organisations have learned, to their cost.

There is a large base of institutional knowledge on successful implementations as well as some hard lessons learned about what not to do.

A lot of new ERP implementations masquerade as “upgrades” and its important to know the difference. Our article of the week makes suggestions about common pitfalls as well as crucial steps to take to make any ‘innovative’ changes in your ERP long lasting and worth the investment. You can find it here

Our ‘Something To Consider’ snippets are framed as small, digestible, ‘dashes of insight’ around the pillars of what we define as “World Class Finance” – Process Optimization, Financial Control and Compliance, and Risk Assurance, all underpinned by technology enablement and integration.