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Something to Consider: Robotic Process Automation and SharedServicesLink

Something to Consider April 2018 4

Why Does Robotic Process Automation Fail to Scale?

RPA, Intelligent Automation and other emerging technologies have had a lot of coverage in the past couple of years, but the conversation has now moved from vision to execution.

It’s time for a reality check…

There is now enough experience to diagnose some of the key challenges and identify root causes that are impacting the success of RPA and trapping many organisations in the swamp of “Fail to Scale”.

Sharedserviceslink, the leading Shared Services best practice community, hosted a highly topical webcast on May 2nd to share knowledge, experience and insight on RPA successes, failures and temporary hiccups! This will be a useful event whether you are researching RPA potential or in the white heat of pilot projects and operational rollout.

View the recording of the webinar and find out:

  • What are the experiences and consequences of early RPA programs?
  • What are the root causes of failure to scale?
  • How you can ensure that your RPA program drives the results you aim for?
  • The impact on business processes when your RPA program is successful

The thought and practice leadership shared in this webinar will help you choose the right path and deliver the widely reported benefits of RPA, and ensure that you’ve got the basics in place to set you up for success.

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