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Something to Consider: A Timely Counterpoint to Received Wisdom on Working From Home

Something to Consider April 2020 3

Remote working is something many of us have experienced on occasion, by choice!

We are now grappling with this being the only option. The prevailing commentary is that this experience will change our lives forever and that there is no going back, as this “new normal” is more effective, efficient and desirable.

I know some of you are seasoned remote workers and have this cracked, but I was fascinated by this article from a behavioural scientist who expressed opinions that I have been privately mulling over for a while.

Yes, I am working longer hours, more intensely, but I am not convinced I am more effective.

The author, Kristen Berman, argues that the key difference is that working in an office gives us accountability, and provides social norms for us to adhere to. The public sphere influences our behaviour, but that is no longer the case in the privacy of our own homes. There are questions around pressure, motivation, inspiration, determination and striving to meet deadlines as well as social pressures of the office working environment.

There are ways to combat these. In her article, just a 6 minute read, Kristen outlines 5 ways to increase accountability and productivity when working remotely.

You can take a view of the psychology behind this as well as how to maximise productivity by reading the article here

One tip that amused me, particularly after some of the hilarious “Video Call Fails” that I am sure you have seen, is to always behave like someone is watching you!

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