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State of the GBS & Shared Services Industry 2023

Head of Data Development & Research at SSON Research & Analytics, GBS and Shared Services thought leader, analyst, advisor, consultant and author, Tom Bangemann joined us to share the latest research on the phenomenon that is Global Business Services.
Tom analysed and compiled the SSOW 2023 Industry Trends and Insights Report which he shared with us together with some of his own observations and experiences in the field.
The talk would not have been complete without “The Caterpillar and the Skateboard” story that reflects on Digital Transformation experiences. This story, in itself, is worth the entrance fee (if there was one!)
In addition to his role as Head of Data Development & Research at SSON Research & Analytics, Tom Bangemann is Joint Managing Director at ConAxia, Managing Director of ABSL DACH (Association of Business Services Leaders for Germany (DE), Austria (A) and Switzerland (CH)), former Senior Vice President Business Transformation at The Hackett Group, Auditor/Consultant at Arthur Andersen and author of “Shared Services in Finance & Accounting”.
It was a delight to welcome Tom to share the research in a 30 minute discussion, which you can see below.