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Optimising financial processes

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SSOW Winter Europe

In 2020/2021, SSCs are no longer transactional, back-office entities. They are the engine of a successful organization, constantly evolving, diversifying and adding strategic and tactical business value.

Alongside the many other leaders, our CEO and founder, Dan French, will be talking at the Shared Services & Outsourcing Week Winter Europe 2021. He will also be joined by Former Vice President Global Business Services, Thermo Fisher Scientific Steve Fox.  During the event, discussions will explore how to evolve and expand your service value while improving customer experience, driving operational excellence and deploying a digital strategy that drives truly game-changing results, all while keeping your organization’s people at the heart of transformation.

Together, Dan and Steve will present their “Driving GBS Performance with Data. It’s Time We Got a Grip!” talk. This will cover; 

  • How to get a handle on diverse performance measures and KPIs (some with cleverly disguised meanings!) across GBS and the business
  • Creating a “defect focus” to drive performance improvement
  • Applying the Pareto Principle to focus attention on rapid returns
  • Developing stakeholder alignment with data across end-to-end processes

There are also expert speakers and executives from global leaders such as Philips, Takeda, Adidas, Smith & Nephew, Mondelez, Avon, and NBC Universal among others

It’s an opportunity to benchmark, learn from and interact with your peers and Europe’s SSC and GBS leaders as you develop the strategies that will future proof your operating model, re-engineer processes and culture and revolutionize the way Business Services add value.

The event will take place across the 23rd – 24th February 2021, with Dan presenting on the first day. 

You can register to reserve your place here