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7 Steps to Data Driven Business Processes

7 Steps to Data Driven Business Processes

As a multi-function Global Business Services Leader, Steve Fox knows a thing or two about global business processes and “managing with data”.

But even he agrees that these challenging aspirations in major businesses, even at a time when this is a critical pre-condition for greater digitization and transformation.

The expectations on the use of data to drive business insights have sky-rocketed and whole new job categories have boomed as a result.

But still companies are failing in their attempts to become data driven. A recent Harvard Business Review article found that 72 percent of companies report that they’ve been unable to forge a data culture, and 69 percent say that they haven’t created a data- driven organization. In addition, 53 percent say they are not yet treating data as a business asset.

The reality is that this is not an “engineering” or technology problem. It is as much behavioral and humanistic as it is technical.

This webcast sheds light on the genuine challenges for global businesses and describes a new perspective on the Seven steps to Data Driven Business Processes.

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