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Survey: Source to Pay/Purchase to Pay End-to-End Process Pain Points and Challenges

There is no progress without the experience, skill, opinion and feedback of the people leading and working on the frontline of business.

We have had a great initial response to the launch of a comprehensive survey on opportunities, performance inhibitors and challenges in the Purchase to Pay process. It it still running here and we would appreciate your responses.

The survey builds on our P2P research program which many of you are benefitting from, and I would appreciate your participation in the survey, or the participation of a relevant colleague. This should take less than 10 minutes, but it may make you think!

So, this is a call to YOU, we want your thoughts and experiences of the challenges that inhibit enhanced performance in the end to end Source/Purchase to Pay (S2P/P2P) process – the obvious problems that create headaches and frustrations of delivering less than we are capable of.

We know there is a ‘butterfly effect’ in P2P, and small actions/decisions early in the process can have stormy consequences later.

We have set ourselves a bold ambition to create an objective, and complete analysis of the end-to-end process, to help your organization prioritize appropriate responses. From our observations, it is unusual to see an unbiased survey that is not focused on reinforcing existing prejudices or supporting a marketing campaign for a specific solution.

I think you will appreciate as much as us, the collective wisdom of your peers involved in the P2P cycle. This is a 5 minute confidential survey for you to complete, and we will analyse the results and produce a report with what we learn. We will reward your participation with the detailed results and analysis, although each response is confidential.

Feel free to share this with any colleagues or peers whose opinions and experience should be included!

Thanks in advance, and we look forward to sharing the results with you.