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Risk Monitoring & Evolution of GRC. What’s next?

Reconsider and improve your GRC strategy with this 45 minute seminar based on a recent case study from a global manufacturer.

Learn about the changes occurring within the field of GRC, anticipate future best practices and find out why more and more professionals have shifted focus from the dominant ‘Controls and Compliance’ trajectory to a more balanced ‘Risk Assurance and Performance’ approach.

Dan French, CEO, Consider Solutions
Jan Hurda, Business Consultant, Consider Solutions

Broadcast October 18, 2012, from 4 pm CET 



Webcast Topics & Objectives:

  • Where the Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) fits in the overall GRC landscape
  • How the global organization in point developed a business case for CCM
  • How to set up rules (automated controls) based on Risk utilizing
  • How to apply a risk-based segregation of duties remediation approach
  • How to refine the Risk and Control Balance
  • An understanding of the GRC Evolution and Risk/Control Balance